Stephanie Seaton

Stephanie is a videographer, photographer, graphic designer and illustrator, originally from Vancouver and now living in the Okanagan Valley in the delightful town of Summerland, BC.

Under Unlimited Vision, which Stephanie founded 20+ years ago, she has been creating persuasive brand promotions and delivering sophisticated solutions to design challenges for clients from Canada, USA, Italy and France. Unlimited Vision offers graphic design, website design, illustration, logo design and photography, and more recently videography.

Photo of Stephanie taken by photographer André Gagne in Toronto...  many moons ago.

Other interests

Storyboard Video Productions is a company in which Stephanie Seaton is a partner with actor and writer Roark Critchlow. Critchlow and Seaton have been working together to create compelling videos for clients looking to tell their story in a different way - one which by design, will be creative and buzzworthy.