Unlimited Vision rates - exactly how much do you charge?



Websites and catalogs – design and development costs

On complex websites with databases, shopping carts etc., 'exactly' is sometimes difficult to specify at the outset. Parameters change and new sections are added as the project proceeds which is why ballpark figures are used to begin with.

It's the same for catalog layout and design when the page tally is above 100 pages. Once an index with specific pages is developed or in the case of a website – we agree on a sitemap with an exact page count, then we provide an accurate estimate.


Photography rates

Photographic assignments include location scouting, lighting checks for appropriate time of day, thoughts about subject wardrobes and a host of other variables.

A general guideline: Our day rate is $1500 CDN and a half day rate is $800. For portrait sessions, product photography or architectural photography we can also work on an hourly basis - with a minimum of $300 for one hour. Travel time additional depending on location.

See below for more specifics.


Photography rates

Photography for individual's portraits, business owners or photos for promo pieces etc, are more often than not, doable in an hour. The minimum hourly rate of $300 includes the time to check out locations, determining best time of day for photography, and meetings about the various aspects such as wardrobe, props and so on.

We love a challenge, and often the brainstorming prior to shooting is where there is a meeting of the minds between Unlimited Vision and the client - both parties end up working towards that same vision so that the end result has impact.

Sometimes the subject is only available for a ten minute time window... that's when we go into overdrive on assessing the right backdrops and locations to get you want you need in a hurry. (Minimum is still for the full hour... sorry ;)

Photo of Danielle Krysa (Jealous Curator) and actor, writer Roark Critchlow in Summerland, BC


Food + Wine Photography

The Okanagan is an ideal place for food and wine photography with it's restaurants, vineyards, and the natural surroundings with sagebrush and stunning backdrops. Well-styled food photography is like shooting sculpture - the forms it creates on a plate draw one in. The photo above of a dessert at Liquidity Winery's Bistro is a perfect example - this beauty would draw ooh's and ahh's as it is brought to the table.

If you want to show off your culinary talents to the world, then you need us to tell your story with pictures.


Studio Photography

At Unlimited Vision we use the best possible lighting for studio photography - a top of the line Profoto system. Primary uses are people photography – i.e head shots, full length photos and product photography such as the new Canyonview Wines bottle from the Summerland vineyard above (wine label, foil and cork also designed by Unlimited Vision).

Rates for studio photography are also $300 per hour (minimum 1 hour).


Brochure + Catalog Design - per project quote

A brochure or catalog can range from a one piece foldout to a catalog of 100+ pages (we do both).

For many years Unlimited Vision created all print materials for Arc'teryx, working with company President Jeremy Guard. (See testimonials) The catalogs were months-long projects for which quotes were based on how much time we estimated the project would involve. Estimating had to include all aspects such as art direction for product photography, assemblage of all support graphics like sizing charts, overseeing the writing and obtaining imagery to use in the piece. Ballpark costs would be given until exact page counts and number of products was determined.

Considering the scale of various projects it is best to meet first to discuss what you are looking for (unless you already know, right down to number of pages) and we can then estimate how much time would be involved.

All pricing is based on time, our expertise, equipment that we require to produce the best possible job for you...



There are many different ways to convey an idea with illustration but more often than not it will be relatively evident what style would be most suitable, once discussions have occurred between Unlimited Vision and the client. Since some processes are more time consuming than others, pricing will depend on the complexity of the agreed upon style. Illustrations like the one shown above start at around $500. See our Illustration portfolio for more examples.