Before... and afters

Inspired by a post from Creative Live which laughs at the notion that you can easily fix things in Photoshop; here are four Unlimited Vision examples of after and before shots. Yes anything is doable. But time is what it takes.

This shot of young 'Cosette' in Les Miserables was taken in the wardrobe room at the Penticton Lakeside Hotel. (see below for the original)

les miserables - before Photoshop
IMG_8000 A.jpg

This image was created for advertising an Italian tailor (Gemelli) – which was a client of Unlimited Vision's. I photographed the statue (a copy of Michelangelo's David), outside the Accademia Gallery in Florence where the original statue resides. See below for the original photograph.

alex model before after b.jpg

Alex is a stunning gal who works as a welder for Ripley Stainless in Summerland. The day we shot this, she had come straight from work with no time to even wash her face. No problem with Photoshop...

alex model before after a.jpg
IMG_0480 OP.jpg

Randall Robinson playing M. Thenardier - backstage after a successful run of Les Miserables at the Penticton Lakeside Resort. One of my background images of a small village in Italy helped make this a more interesting photo. (See the before photo below.)

Les Miserables - before